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  • Héctor C, Rafael C, Guillerm B

Escuela Abierta

Héctor Andrés Cuadrado @hac.arch

Rafael Ignacio Cardenas @rafaich

Guillermo Bogianchino @gbarch_arg

“The concept of“ Open School ”promoted the logic of this work, which, crossed by a personal feeling of the authors, leads us in part, after connecting to the place where it is located. In search of an overcoming architecture for society that would later use it, this school is an infrastructure that will evolve with the growth of users, that is, starting from an orthogonal modular organization, we seek first an implicit organization, which then would couple a system of spaces that are linked vertically. Taking the user in this case students, teachers and the local community to direct and indirect contact with teaching. On the other hand, the classrooms surround a central cloister where, in the same way, the use varies according to the circumstance, this is a space divided to the neighborhood, so that they can be carried out from sports, dance, to student displays, since it is a school that challenges agricultural farming with polytechnic teachings, taking the conventional school to a new level, opening up to a world where industrial technology and ecological awareness are increasingly related. "

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