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  • Judelia Kusuma Halim

Equipoise Office

Equipoise Office: Balancing Work & Family Life

By- Judelia Kusuma Halim

Millennials behavior is currently being shaped by the life cycle effect, in which they are setting out for the third stage of life with a focus on career improvement and starting a family. Equipoise Office is a space facilitating millenials in achieving and balancing those life goals. Equipoise Office is an office building, divided into two-towers by applying transprogramming in design to produce a new program that can be experienced by millennials. It is designed in a form that symbolizes parents and children as the main concept that reflects the mix of programs in it. The second skin is added as an element that aids in reducing heat and light that enters the building. Zone division is designed based on user analysis in accordance with the method used, intended to provide space experience to users and visitors efficiently with the embodiment of architecture in the form of light, shadow, material, color, texture, and shape of space.

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