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Sustainability is at the heart of ellementry,” says Ayush Baid - Founder, ellementry

Ellementry is a brand that epitomises simple luxury through handcrafted lifestyle products. Breathing life into the mundane with exquisite design elements that seamlessly marry functionality is the essence of the brand. Inspiration from nature, season, colour, mood, culture and life itself, ellementry products are handcrafted with utmost attention to detail. Rooted in indigenous culture and wisdom, they are adapted to modern sensibilities with the core promise of making each day beautiful for you. Their product line-up includes tableware, furniture and lighting. As ellementry employs rural artisans for their products, every product showcases traditional handcrafted techniques with modern sensibilities.

What lies in the heart of every single product created at ellementry are the materials — they are crafted from natural organic materials. The processes too ensure no harm to the environment. Moreover, every material used in the products is food safe; safe to serve in and safe to cook in. Always exquisitely crafted, their products are about harmonious living spaces that are in harmony with nature.

“Sustainability is at the heart of ellementry,” says Ayush Baid, founder of ellementry. We make terracotta products that are again a form of art that echo a life devoted to the ancient traditions of working in clay. Be it stoneware or earthenware, all are sourced from the earth, and when their use is over, they return to the earth. Not just this, we even recycle newspaper in our papier-mache unit to make beautiful handcrafted products.”

He further adds, “We’ve created an eco-mix by combining waste generated from factories like marble dust, wooden dust and old textile with recycled newspapers and other sustainable materials. Our surplus production is utilised by us for our meals and guests. For our display, photo shoots and set ups, we use all the waste and recycled wood that gets collected in the factories, giving them a new life. For example, during Christmas, we made Christmas trees made out of recycled wood and displayed it in all our stores.” For our furniture and kitchenware wood products, we mostly use mango wood, which is highly sustainable due to its cultivation as a fruit tree.

Our wax filled jars are multi-purpose once the wax is over and can be further used for different purposes. Moreover, we use recyclable cotton bags in our retail stores.

Along with creating sustainable products, ellementry also maintains an eco-friendly workplace. Their office is not only surrounded by trees, they also encourage their neighbours and people in the locality by initiating plantation drives to reduce carbon footprints. Moreover, 70% of power they use in their office and workshops come from solar panels. Through rainwater harvesting, and by building a green house in the premises, they further contribute to saving the environment.

ellementry comes from a three-decade-long legacy of wowing the world with its exquisite and inspiring product range. It is the retail offshoot of Dileep Industries that has won many awards and accolades for exporting high-quality products to international brands.

Reflecting on his journey, Ayush says, “I was always receptive to new business ideas since I was brought up in a business family.” The journey of ellementry started while he was pursuing under graduation in University College London (UCL). There, he got an insight into how the e-commerce world functions and the various nuances associated with it.

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