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Instagram- elisa_cql

Since I was a child, I've always been used to moving. I went from Paris to Lyon. I had to adapt myself and appropriate new spaces to create my own universe. Besides during my studies, I had the chance to study Architecture abroad in Bratislava, Slovakia. A new way of working, more abstract, an architecture of brutalism, a different culture... and above an opportunity to find myself.

I'm currently in my last year, working on a vernacular architecture in the department of Ain to think about the place of the child who lives in a world which is too big. To be an interior designer, it's about a desire, an appropriation of space, a way to express myself, an influence, a confrontation, an achievement... Architecture, it's a secret and personal belief to me !

I'm very attentive to combine refinement, elegance and functionalism. Curves, patterns, colors, materials, light... small details make great projects. Life is Beautiful ! 🔅

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