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Elif Pekince

Instagram- elifpknc13

I am Elif Pekince and I am from Turkey. I have always been interested in art since my childhood. Painting, theater, music. First I started drawing, then writing. As I drew and wrote, it was as if I came to life again. Then I got interested in acting, I took part in theater plays. I love to sing. Considering all of these together, I decided that the most suitable profession for me was architecture because architecture is both drawing, writing, playing and singing. I draw the sketch paper in front of me and draw something, at the same time I write the sub-text in my mind. I imagine that I live in the project I drew over time, and I play the scenarios in each space of the project like an actor. And after everything is over, I start singing the project like a song. "Look, I did it!" So Architecture is a profession that compliments me in every way. I want to be able to do this profession properly and I am trying for.

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