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Eleni Ntouni

Eleni Ntouni

Eleni Nt (@nt_eleni) • Instagram photos and videos

MSc Sustainable Urban planning and Design - KTH

Architecture Engineer - NTUA

Architecture entered my life at a very young age by drawing and playing plenty of videogames for creating houses or spaces for people. Studying Architecture in Athens and getting into depth, made me realize my interest in urban planning and design. Combining architecture with my love for motorsport, I did my MArch Thesis on designing a Formula 1 circuit. However, as our planet’s life is in danger, I decided to work more on sustainable urban planning and design by doing my Master on Sustainable Urban Planning and Design at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. My main goal is to create an interesting and flexible space for everyone inside a city, by respecting the planet and life of everyone (flora- fauna – humanity).

I try to use different design tools each time to experiment but I love to visualize my project and give them a realistic view on how life is going to be in the sustainable areas that I design.

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