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  • Héctor C, Rafael C, Guillerm B

El Espacio Pedagogico

Héctor Andrés Cuadrado @hac.arch

Rafael Ignacio Cardenas @rafaich

Guillermo Bogianchino @gbarch_arg

"Given the recent global context, through a comprehensive typology, it is sought to connect different teaching areas that go from the student community at a first level, through a practical instance, to the dialogue and conducive environment between teacher and students for the dictation of the classes. As a device, a series of capsules are located spontaneously that inside protect said space program (bathrooms, workshops, classroom and a useful wall) the capacity of these devices called "star platforms" is approximately 15 students, the pedagogical space is freed from its four walls and becomes a beacon that invites teaching from the inside, to the base of it. "

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