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Ece Oner

Instagram- studioecezio

Since my childhood I was into creating and building up things, making art or any kind of productive activities with an outcome and meaning. When I realized I want to express this creative part of me I decided to be an architect. To me this discipline is not just about making buildings, but about expressing thoughts in the form of materials, giving an idea to the people, of what we wanted to achieve as designers, storytellers. I am a Turkish architect from Istanbul, a city where east and west mix within each other and reflect in a stratified way. This wealth of layers and history of the city influenced me so much during my education in İstanbul, lately I’ve been living in Milan for my master’s degree in architecture, which also influenced my vision thanks to its beautiful architecture; stratified and rewritten due to the world wars. To me, an architect gets the best results when they achieve analyzing the context and its history well, dedicate themselves to fix what it lacks. Within all these adventurous steps of architecture, I find myself happy and excited to be a part of a creation process.

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