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Dorsa Shahim

Instagram- dorsaesthete

Hello i’m Dorsa Shahim, a 21 year old Architecture student in Iran and studying at Azad university north branch in Tehran city. I’ve been dreaming about architecture my whole life. The urge to create functional, sustainable and a blissful space for every human being pushed me into the heart of Architecture. In these three years of studying architecture i’ve mastered numerous softwares and i’ve participated in two competitions; the very first one that i designed for was an Asian competition with the subject of sustainable life. The second one was to design a Watch tower in a farm named Kurgi. In addition i’m taking part in two more competitions that the due date is in October 2020. Currently i’m working as a freelancer. My career has only just begun and there will be amazing challenges awaiting me. I’ve learned so much from the previous events and i’m using them as a step to grow and reach the future of creating great atmosphere and to bring peace by designing spaces in the lives of human beings.

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