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  • Raphael Fogel

Distributed Vessels


The project conceives a wall panelling system for vitalising vertical surfaces. The panels form vessels for soil and other organic matter to accumulate. Walls once barren are brought to life and with it a range of experiences unfold: sights and smells of blossom and decay; sounds of dripping water and rustling leaves; dampness and cool air. Each panel is geometrically unique. It is made of CNCed styrofoam coated in cement. Panels possess an embedded drip irrigation system and drainage holes. These provide sufficient moisture for plants to thrive and allow for water to percolate from one vessel to the next. Multiple panels can be connected to cover larger areas.

About me:

Raphael Fogel @fogelraphael

I'm a Tel-Aviv based architectural designer interested in overlaps between architecture and ecology. Through my work I explore digital designs informed by the consideration of other living things.

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