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  • Konstantina Kousari


Student: Konstantina Kousari Responsible Professor: Leonidas Koutsoumpos

TITLE: Endless Linearity Stitching of monuments and landscape at the cape of Sounio Endless linearity Stitching monuments and landscape in Cape Sounio

Ancient Greek temples have always been buildings that were in absolute dialogue with the surrounding environment, in a reciprocal relationship that ascribed meaning to both. This thesis, is an attempt to highlight and enhance this relationship in the case of cape Sounion, by stitching the fragmentation that is prevalent today. It aims at the experiential understanding of the historical information, the site’s historical value, the narration of the past through design, its connection with the present and the possibility of transferring and evolving the acquired knowledge in the future. An effort is made to view the entire cape as a museum of itself, so that the Temples of Poseidon and Athena’s, the natural landscape, the architectural interventions and the experiential experience of the visitors, would function as a whole that highlights each individual characteristic.

The proposed interventions are as small as possible, limited to the already existing building footprint that creates a geometrical and functional logic that stitches the key points of interest. Their design is based on geometrical system that takes in account the ancient paths and traces, visual sightlines, as well as, some current routes in the landscape, in order to create a network where each line makes sense in the historical and physical landscape. This will enable the visitor to fully understand the layers of information of the various historical periods, the ancient relics and uses in harmony with the uniqueness of the landscape in an inseparable unity.

Thus, by recording the current situation and understanding the existing problems, I was led to a series of solutions formed on the urban planning and the movements of the visitors (including the disabled ones). In addition, I chose the materials based on my thought of recycling the plots of land that I will necessarily intervene, creating a building material. I also turned historical information from ancient uses and mythology into design elements. Focused on the 2 museum buildings, i tried to combine architecture with the narration of the history, so as for the visitors to learn and feel the information in an experiential space.

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