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Devyani Gupta, Intrigue Lab

Instagram- intrigue.lab

Devyani commenced her Architecture studies from Sushant School of Architecture- New Delhi and then went on to IAAC Barcelona in 2012 for a Masters in Digital Architecture-Emergent Territories. The influence of both these programs has accentuated the concept of Design with space utilization amalgamated with the exposure to new materials & technology for Devyani which she incorporates in her designs. Devyani being the co-Founder of Intrigue Designs; believes in progressive architecture and gives high weightage to landscape design beyond mere designing of a built form. Under her leadership the firm has established several local and international alliances thus bringing innovative techniques and design practices to the firm that are global in nature yet customized to the local needs. Under her able leadership, the firm has won numerous awards including Acetech Design Award 2017-18, FOAID 2017-18 and Estrade Award Singapore 2017-18. She has been featured as a celebrated next generation young designer by Architects & Interiors India and as an ‘Inspiring Diva’ by Idecorama Magazine. Apart from being a prolific architect, she is a keen photographer of architectural interiors and believes in documenting every product of design finesse with her progressive lenses. A reader and an avid traveller by passion – Devyani visualizes architecture in a progressive light and has a vision to bring new reforms to stagnant architecture trends in India.


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