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  • Studio Nobody

Detroit Waterfront District

Team: Studio Nobody

Instagram @ studionobody_

Designers: Andrea Ortiz & Ramses Terrero

The Detroit Waterfront District Proposal offers a complex of 3 Interconnected Towers that allow for entertainment, leisure, and exploration.

The Office Towers implement an Open floor plan layout in order for future expansion. Through the use of “dancing” balconies, we were able to implement leisure spaces and reflection areas for the users of the office building. Promoting interaction between the community and simultaneously enhancing job performance.

Taking full advantage of the waterfront, the hotel is placed adjacent to the existing linear park and TCF center, for ease of access for tourists and city dwellers looking to engulf themselves within the community. Irregular floor plates allow the implementation of “bridges” and elevated garden spaces to promote interaction between visitors and residents alike.

In between the Waterfront and the Park, the residential tower resides parallel to the Metro and far from the Office tower, allowing more privacy for its residents than the latter. Connecting bridges and soft boundaries through green spaces are scattered throughout amongst the connection points to the adjacent towers.

Below the ground level the multiple shops and public auditorium spaces are laid throughout. Plazas, bookstores, and food courts can be found through the multiple hallways that share courtyards. At the ground Level a series of parks and amphitheaters exist, allowing for public events and interactions. Outdoor art pieces and leisure areas are scattered through. Openings to the underground are perforated throughout to observe events from different levels.

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