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  • Okuma Studio

Detroit Waterfront District

OKUMA (@okumastudio) • Instagram

Detroit has been experiencing a revival in recent years, but most of its population is still struggling and has been excluded. This imbalance destroyed this city once, and if it is hoping to revitalize it must include everyone. The project aims to create an environment that acts as a bridge between diverse communities and is open to all social classes. We achieve this by combining high-end accommodations with public parks and education centers. This idea of balance impregnates every part of our project. We connect the river with piers while facing the city with towers. We embrace public transport and biking paths, while also supplying ample parking space. All of this is covered by nature to increase the quality of life and designed with a unique construction method to dramatically reduce the cost resulting in a healthy affordable environment. In this way, we embrace the future without leaving anyone behind and we build this new Detroit together.

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