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  • Fauzan Mirza

Design Innovation Centre, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Fauzan Mirza

Architectural thesis

Instagram profile: fauzan_mirza


Art and design has been an important factor associated with every profession. It opens up a new dimension of ideas in various fields. A design innovation centre was proposed in Vasant Kunj, an upmarket area of New Delhi. The project focuses on providing a platform to artists designers and craftspersons for working with like minded people in a creative environment, innovating and exhibiting their arts and crafts. It also bridges the gap between the innovations in design and their fabrication by interaction of corporate industries.

The design provides diagonal connections and vertical visual connections Apart from horizontal connectivity. Skylights are used to provide well lit spaces for working, the built mass acts as a permeable block with interconnected open and closed spaces and terraces. 

The program includes display galleries, cafe, seminar hall, studios, workshops for various kinds of art forms like wood, metal, 3d printing, laser cutting, research centre etc, an open air theatre, and a library. The admin, cafe and exhibition halls and all the public activities occupy the ground floor with semi-open spaces. All the studios and workshops are connected with each other and to the library for accessibility to all tools and resources. 

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