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Decoding Salone Del Mobile. Milano 22

-by Aman Choudhary - Creative Director, House of AC

It’s back! And it’s back with a bang!

The 60th Edition of the Salone Del Mobile was special, coming as it was after a two-year unexpected break due to the pandemic. Salone confirmed the international scope of the event and proved tobe a huge step towards normalcy. This year, the focus on sustainability has made Salone an international stage for business ideas and technological solutions capable of contributing to the protection of the environment, the home and the most efficient use of resources, in keeping with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Apart from sustainability, there were numerous other topics that grabbed my attention and manifested a new perspective towards home furnishing.

Starting from the latest trends in CMF –

Sandy Hues

I noticed a huge growth in the application of pastel tones and warm colours. Every brand worked on a colour palette that evokes naturalness – warm woods, grainy and tactile fabrics, muted velvets and textural glazes – all work together to achieve an environment that has a calming and restorative effect.

Wood Everywhere

Indoors, as well as outdoors, wood and its warm hues, rich, contrasting grains, are everywhere. Oak and teak wood have been the most preferred choice for most of the brands. Most brands claim that their timber comes with responsibly sourced certifications, a testament to their commitment to more sustainable materials and processes. Finishes favour a matte and porous feel, leaving the grain irregularities to take centre stage.

Material Life Cycle

Alongside wood, there has been a huge rise in the application of recycled plastic, another very strong message from these brands about their shift in values due to the changing landscape of environmental sustainability.

Tactile Texture

The pandemic has left an impact on every aspect of our lives. It has really changed the way we live and design our homes. Textured walls and surfaces have seen a huge rise in their application, the shift from plain and smooth minimalistic surfaces and textures to embracing a maximalist approach has seen amazing growth. Flutings, large-scale veined marbles, and ribbed pattern manifest a re-entry of the maximalist.

Cosy and Warm Form

The form and silhouette of the furniture continues to become softer and curvy. Nature inspired design has been a very strong trend with curvy and cocoon-like forms that ensure a feeling of comfort and safety. On the other hand, sharp and straight-line forms have seen a huge decline. Curve-centric designs, from the neatly rounded to more amorphous, organic forms, are being increasingly used in product design and in the construction of homes, blending a sense of fun with a psychological desire to feel comforted.

Spaces of 2022

The concept of blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors was almost like a norm for each and every brand. Almost all the booths showcased a dialogue between nature and the home in their own ways, making it evident that this is how homes should be.

The 60th edition of Salone also manifested a huge demand for outdoor furniture, the focus on outdoor living continues to influence brands to expand in this area beyond stand design with actual collections. New launches also can entail expanding into different and complementary areas: Kettal launched an outdoor kitchen made of an aluminium supporting frame teamed with stoneware and Iroko wood modules. All surfaces are smooth and rimless, for easy cleaning and maintenance.

What lies Ahead

As people have started to spend more time at home and flexible work routine becomes a preferred option across the world, the concept of creating a perfect home environment has reached a new high.

The new focus has hence become more about quality living. A way of living that has a positive impact not just physically, but also helps reduce stress people are dealing with across the globe, by reconnecting with nature through materials and textures, and applying elements from nature (like plants, more sunlight) into the house, is emerging. This way, the home feels more connected to nature and homeowners get a relaxed and cosy environment that is not just comfortable, but also ensures wellbeing.

My Favourite picks

· Riace by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Magis

· Aka Chair by Konstantin Grcic for Magis

· Pivot Table by Bonaldo

· Booth Design for Arper at the Salone Del Mobile. Milano 22

· Tuky Table by Luca Nichetto for Wittmann


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