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Instagram- darepo

I’ve always been interested in design, but I came into architecture through a roundabout path. My first step along this path was at art school where I received a Bachelor of Design majoring in photography from the Alberta University for the Arts in Canada. After operating my own photography business for 5 years, my interests began to shift from 2D graphic design to the immense possibilities which exist in the 3D realm. I explored this, first, on a smaller scale, with object design through ceramics – creating dishes, planters, and lamps. In 2018 I began to peruse a Master of Architecture from the University of Calgary, Canada and am currently in my final year. This experience has taught me to hone my previous passions and skills into a specific interest in the integrative design process. My current research studies how to realize this process through parametric design tools and robotic fabrication. I feel that true innovative solutions are possible when the possibilities of technology are harnessed.

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