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Darina Lisitskaya

Instagram- darina__lisi

My journey in the architectural sphere started from dreaming of being a concept designer for fashion shows and making surreal catwalks. But after a few years of choosing a specific sphere, that could be more related to my demands, I decided to study architecture. And then year after year the studying, I recognized that an architect can make everything, in almost all creative disciplines. I experienced working in different architecture studios and in small groups and realized that the most fascinating part for me is taking part in all stages of the process, from the birth of concept to the author's supervision. To my mind, I am a more creative person rather than the one who follows the rules. That's I prefer to express my imagination by making illustrations, collages, and sketches. Currently, I am working as a production designer, creating decorations and spaces, a unique world with its own aesthetic for filming sets, and still trying to be an architect in the remote mode. What I really appreciate about being an architect is an opportunity of combining different skills and tasks that always help me develop myself.

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