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Danielle Franco and Tayane Franco

Studio Franco Arquitetura

Goiânia, Brazil

Instagram: @studiofrancoarq


“Luxury is having what makes you happy at home”

Hello, we are Tayane Franco and Danielle Franco partners and owners of the STUDIO FRANCO ARQUITETURA office. Our journey started after some doubts about what we wanted to do in college, Danielle Franco went through different courses until she met architecture and graduated in 2014.

I (Tayane Franco) took a while to know what I wanted, which led me to deciding that I wanted to be an architect, that's when I went to live in Spain in 2013 there, I fell in love with art history and architecture, I graduated in 2018.

Since then, we worked in the area during college and after graduating we decided to set up our office in Goiânia, Brazil. And today we work with interior architecture and with Feng Shui, we apply it to every type of project, from business to residential. Working with Feng Shui is a great differential that we have in our area, we want to pass this practice and experience to everyone, showing that it is possible to maintain a harmonious and healthy environment for everyone who lives there.

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