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  • Roman Korotkov

Cultural and Historical museum


The goal of the project is to create a cultural and historical museum and exhibition educational center on the historical site of the battle of Alexander Nevsky's troops with the Teutonic knights on Lake Peipsi in 1242, which, in the future, can develop, focusing not only on the domestic tourist flow, but also on foreign visitors. This museum should become a point of attraction for young people, the scientific community, history buffs and the general public.

We developed the project of the Museum-diorama "Battle on the Ice" with an eye to the Novgorod-Pskov architecture and Russian white stone carving. One of the inspirations for the project of the museum were the wars clashed in battle with their intersections of spears and swords, as well as the breaks and overflows of ice hummocks.

Roman Korotkov, Leading Architect.

+7(921) 997 8418 +7(921) 995 3923

architectural studio "INSCALE"

архитектор РОМАН КОРОТКОВ (@romkor) • Instagram photos and videos

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