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Cristina Vaz Santos

My name is Cristina Vaz Santos, I was born in 1982 and I am an architect.

I completed my Integrated Master in Architecture at E.S.A.P. in 2009. After some professional experiences in some architectural firms, in 2014, together with my husband, also an architect, we decided to create our own architectural brand, Em Paralelo.

I have 12 years of professional experience and each project, each client is always a new challenge.

Each architectural project is a new life project for someone and it motivates me to do better and to be able to give my contribution to the lives of the clients who come to meet me.

Being able to perceive each client, interact differently with each one and be able to leave my mark is a great challenge.

I believe that architecture can improve and cover various needs, not only for the customers themselves, but also external needs such as environmental, social, sustainable and efficiency issues.

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