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  • Gabriel solano

Country House(Architectural Illustration)

By : Gabriel Solano

A great design can be mediocre if it doesn't present itself well.

To win over a client, to win a contest or for a presentation at the university it is vital that the outline is clearly conveyed and easy to understand.

In a way it is like a sales pitch, you are selling your design, ideas, concept. Your presentation of the drawings can help the imagination of clients, or help win a contest, they must clearly communicate the three-dimensional elements of your design. Your drawings, graphics, and presentation boards serve one main purpose: to communicate your design, and if your presentation looks good, but doesn't do its job, you may need to think again.

I present an architectural perspective with a good graphic quality. All the information and graphic work done on this image is produced from Photoshop, using the images exported from a 3d modeling done in Sketchup. I hope you like it.

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