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  • Isaac P H, Iñigo G E, Rodrigo G E & Isaac S

Corvo building

Isaac Penhos Harari, Iñigo Garcia Echenique, Rodrigo Garcia Echenique & Isaac Salame


In response to the current city characterized by the disconnection between the building and the urban space, the work program seeks to introduce the design of the relationships between the house and the city.

The corvo is located on a corner of avenida insurgentes in mexico city. The total area of the building is 22,000 m² on a property of approximately 2000 m².

This project has a very complete and complex program, since it has the largest area for residential use, different office spaces, co-working areas, restaurant, a library, gym, pool, theater, jazz bar and different garden floors establishing a dialogue between public and private space.

The building is made up of slabs of different sizes and shapes, to create terraces and double-height spaces.

With different indoor and outdoor gardens located inside the building, the corvo allows you to be in contact with the outside at all times. These landscaped spaces, in addition to creating a link with nature, contribute to the climate inside the building, since the impact of the sun on it is not direct to the slab but to the garden. This lowers the temperature inside, creating a more pleasant space and thus reducing your air conditioning consumption.

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