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  • Carolina Pérez Sahuquillo

Collective Housing

Design by: Carolina Pérez Sahuquillo

Instagram: @carolina.sahup

Institution: Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain

Professors: Ana María Navarro Bosch – Sara López Collado


This project consists of designing collaborative, inclusive and affordable housing, which is also complemented by an attached occupational center through the reuse of preexistence.

The plot is located in the neighbourhood of La Creu Coberta, south of Valencia, Spain. In this place there are still industrial buildings after the dismantling of the factories in this area.

The volume of the proposal arises from the environment, from the perspectives of the place the voids, the heights are projected. The first two floors reach the height of the preexistence, while the roof of these is intended for community use as a large terrace and above this the last two floors of less size rise, raising the height of the surrounding buildings unifying the front of the street. Thereby achieving a volume integrated into the whole of the neighbourhood, which offers it a free space for a square and a walk.

In the pre-existing warehouses, the occupational center for disabled people is projected, so that there is a direct relationship between the two buildings, the activities and the users that inhabit the building.

San Vicente street is considered a limit that can vary over time, so the project does not intend to turn its back on it, but neither does it turn on it. The plot is mainly related to the already consolidated neighbourhood and the project seeks clarity in the organization of spaces to facilitate the orientation of the user and the dwellings allow the circulation of people with mobility problems and admit adapted furniture."

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