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  • Shahab Addin Ghafari

Cohen furniture

Shahab Addin Ghafari (@shahab_a_ghafari) • Instagram photos and videos

I always feel a deep and strong desire for optimizing spaces and objects. Being in pursuit of bringing originality into spaces, I have always tried to choose projects which challenge my ideas.I always ask myself: does my work have a positive impact on society? How new is this idea? How authentic is it? How many other similar products out there? I was to be different while staying original. It matters to me how much my designs can influence the community of designers across the world. I always look back at what has been done in terms of design for a particular product and examine carefully how I walk in the footsteps of designers who came before me.

Honestly, my passion is light design, but I never restrict myself to that and would like to do things that surprise me. For me, a blank design board is always a moment of joy and fear. It does not matter how many projects I have done or how many years I have been working in this field; I always give new projects a fresh start as if it is my first and perhaps even the last chance to design and that makes me pay extra attention to details.Collaborating with Mr.Joneidi and Cleto casa company has been very pleasing to me. He always wants to add value and contribute to society. He is very willing and able to execute and has a great passion for producing high-quality products which has always encouraged me to work with him And our recent collaboration with him is “Cohen” furniture. It is both classic and modern at the same time and the contrast of different materials make it eclectic. It is innovative and functional in any room of the house. It was featured among the best global design talents and a finalist for the SBID Product Design Award, 2020. As the main distinctive factors my designs convey a feeling of familiarity while avoiding imitation which indicates their originality.

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