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Club House building for Spanish Golf club “La Moraleja”

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Architecture: Proyecto Singular

Visualization: CUUB studio

Location: Madrid, Spain

Golf La Moraleja is one of Spain’s most important clubs. In this competition Proyecto Singular created project that based on the golf club’s heritage. Their proposal blends with the landscape and includes features of the first club house built in 1976.

Spanish architecture firm Proyecto Singular contacted CUUB to develop visual communication that would explain their competition proposal for a new CASA CLUB in Golf Club La Moraleja in Madrid, Spain.

EXTERIOR. First Image. Golf La Moraleja was founded in 1973 and it is the largest Spanish golf club for its number of holes and the largest in Europe located in a metropolitan area. Proyecto Singular’s proposal building blends with the landscape and includes features of the first club house built in 1976. Main entrance based on the golf club heritage – emphasizing horizontality, inclined edges of the roof and textured walls.

EXTERIOR. Second Image. The second exterior rendering transmits the atmosphere when players arriving to the main entrance after playing. Blending with the breathtaking environment it's texturized structural walls frame the views.

INTERIOR. Restaurant and bar with an unbeatable atmosphere and scenic panoramic views of 18 holes golf course. The atmosphere of the images should have beencosy and neutral.

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