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Claudia Vinciguerra

Hi! My name is Claudia Vinciguerra, I’m Italian and i graduated from Polytechnic of Turin in Architecture for Sustainable Project.

Claudia Vinciguerra (@c_28lab) • Instagram I attended university “Sapienza” in Rome for my three-year undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture. These first years have been fundamental for my career as they have clearly shown me the right way forward.

I believe that the roots of architecture, the purest, natural and simple forms that we observe in the vegetation are the grounds from which to start. To reach this, we need to exploit every resource that nature offers us, and at the same time we must be able to protect it through an eco-sustainable architecture. Based on the fusion of these two faces of architecture @c_28lab was born, from a small design and rendering laboratory and I hope it will become a studio in the future!

My projects are based on natural, pure, organic forms and materials. The vernacular Mediterranean architecture, the one I love so much, benefits from nature considering that it is sustainable, white and is illuminated by its warm sun. The light and its shadows, the water and its reflection are elements that characterize this architecture. I love to include these elements in my projects: I study them accurately as they combine architecture with my passion for the art of metals and jewelry. About it, in a small town of my beloved Sicily I got the diploma of jeweller master, in which I learned to design in microscale right on jewelry. "I like to imagine the buildings as if they're the diamonds that shine in the midst of so many others, and talk about themselves and the love story with their designer". Whether it’s a house, a building or a garden, we will always love our project.

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