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Charita kishore rupa

Instagram- cherryontop_ck

Architecture has always intrigued me. Being a careful combination of both art and science it has the power to change the way one lives. I pursued a Bachelor's degree in Architecture (B.Arch) at M.S.Ramaiah School of Architecture. My curiosity to learn more pushed me to do my internship in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where I developed a deep love towards the 'Tropical Modernism' style of Architecture. A year later I decided I wanted to understand deeper architecture on a larger scale and hence went on to do a Masters in Urbanism and Housing at the prestigious AA school of Architecture in central London.

On returning I worked with an upcoming builder Garden City Realty for 3 years after which I decided to start my own practice. I am the Founder and Principal Architect of Studio Skapa Architects. We are a young Bangalore based studio that believes we can change the world through design.

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