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Ceren Bingöl

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Ceren Bingöl is an architect specialized in Building Architecture in Politecnico di Milano after completing her Bachelor's Degree in İzmir Institute of Technology in Turkey and HS Koblenz University of Applied Sciences in Germany. ‘Along with my passion, my interest in architecture began with the discovery of the intangible quality of use of the space. The way of using architectural space, light, materiality, and way of superimposition to obtain the translation of measurable, and expressing spirituality and memory that evokes immeasurable express of itself. Being aware of in the other part of the world architecture is a discipline that has advanced enormously integrated with the field of engineering, I have kept going to enrich my path by specializing in Master of Building Architecture in Politecnico di Milano which provided me a great academic background to run iterative processes by using different tools and technologies. Being educated in different countries and following more than six years of experience in the field of design, architecture, and engineering in an interdisciplinary combined field of construction and sustainability, for me, the process of making architecture is the manipulation of architectural form with re-defining its element based on old which offers exciting tasks through creating special structures that is a unique reaction to the new century technology. In the end, architecture is about establishing relationships between people and being able to see synergetic results in a spatial and social context by embracing the power of individual genius in contributing to collaborative authenticity through architecture. ‘

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