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Casa R.V.

Architecture Office: Atelier D’Arquitectura Lopes da Costa

Main Architect: José António Lopes da Costa e Tiago Meireles

Collaboration: Rita Gonçalves





Location: Ovar

Year of conclusion : 2022

Total area: 390m2

Builder A Construtora de Loureiro, Lda

Inspection: Obra Sem Stress – Gestão e Fiscalização de Obras, Lda.

Engineering: Strumep - Engenharia

Light Design: Projedomus – Projectos e Instalações Eléctricas Inteligentes, Lda

Acoustic Design: Strumep - Engenharia

Fluids Engineering : Strumep - Engenharia

Thermal Engineering: IRG, Inspeções Técnicas, S.A.

Architectural photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio

Website :



The house is located on a long and narrow plot of land, which conditioned the long shape of this building spread over two floors.

The car access is carried out perpendicularly to the larger side of the land, from Maria Albertina Street, while pedestrian access takes place, to the South, on Régua Avenue, leading East, along the house to its entrance. From there, and from the entrance hall, you can access, to the South, the living rooms, the kitchen and the friends' room and to the North to the garage and gym.

On the upper floor, which is smaller, there are two bedrooms with a common bathroom, the master suite and an office.

The house, in a long shape, tries to make the best use of the relationship with the outside and the solar quadrant. The social and leisure areas open to the West and South, enjoying a long partially covered patio. To the East, the interior circulation takes place in a mirror with the exterior pedestrian access only separated by a large glazed area.

On the upper floor, the bedrooms and the office open onto large balconies and terraces, either to the East, enjoying the morning light, or to the South.

The volumetry is marked by horizontality, accentuated by the slabs and beams in white plaster, which contrast with the cladding of the walls in cement tiles, which give plasticity and animation to the set. The openings of the slabs at the 1st floor level and the large glazing complete the building's language.

The conceptual idea is based on a simple, clean and almost minimalist design, as opposed to formal exaggeration and existing languages.

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