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  • Fernando Hidalgo


The project was presented as a proposal for the SOCIAL INTEREST HOUSING PROPOSAL contest organized by a group of young Ecuadorian architects in search of helping low-income families, the contest would launch an appeal to volunteers who wish to participate non-profit, They should present alternative housing proposals, be easy to build, with quick learning techniques and that will not exceed 6,000 US dollars, generating pleasant and optimal environments for their use.

The main design idea is based on the need to create a home for a family of 4 members of low economic conditions in the rural community Quimiag - Ecuador. This is the reason that I call attention to the study of participating and contributing to seek construction alternatives with a limited budget, in the proposal a vernacular construction system is proposed with the use of the materiality of the area earth, wood and the mixture with more contemporary materials such as glass and concrete.

As the main strategy, two reinforced rammed earth (rammed black earth) walls were implemented that frame a better visual and generate privacy, while serving as a structure to support the roof. The use of wood in pillars that provide a better composition in the spaces and as an easy material to obtain in the area, at the same time the glass that helps a better interpretation of the landscape. The conception of the form is given by the implantation in the lot and with a modulation that allows to open with visuals only towards the back where a visual of the entire city is obtained.

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