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  • Costa Lima Arquitectos

Campo Alegre

Architecture Office: Costa Lima Arquitectos

Main Architect: Filipe da Costa Lima





Location: Porto, Portugal

Year of conclusion : 2020

Total area: 181 m2 Fotógrafo

Architectural photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio

Website :



Project description

The apartment is located on a collective housing building from the early 70s and oriented to the east, south and west, enjoying a remarkable sun exposure and a privileged view over the river. Regarding the client's needs, the project introduced changes in the configuration of the internal space, transforming the original five bedrooms structure into a three bedrooms apartment. This operation enabled the creation of a master suite with a closet and a significant increase in the kitchen area. Looking for a careful approach and reusing existing materials, the intervention improved the quality of the internal space and the comfort and energy efficiency of the apartment.

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