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Butterfly Villa


Project Name: Butterfly Villa

Landscape Designer: Ar. Apeksha Kute, (origin architects)

Location: Deolali, Nashik, Maharashtra

Area: 1.5 Acres approx.

Client: Mr Doshi

Year: 2012

Project Architect: Ar.Rohit Fegde (Fegde architects)

Photographs: Mr Hemant Patil

The outdoor space for club villa was designed as an experiential journey, where a participant experiences a different mood created by the interplay of different elements of nature and design.

THE CLUB VILLA, located in the cantonment area of the serene town of Deolali, Maharashtra was designed to invite and entertain friends and family members of the client, offering a quick getaway to outdoors. The Villa spread over about two acres of land houses various indoor activities, dining hall and two suites overlooking the sprawling lawns.

The outdoor space was evolved to continuously interact with built spaces and allow the user to unwind in pleasant surroundings. The design of open space was primarily governed by the site topography, existing large trees, built masses & the urge to connect to NATURE. The journey engages one physically & psychologically with the environment around.

The journey through the open space creates a well-scripted statement with various nodes of interest to pause, contemplate, and to experience. A walkway in natural stone through the porch, wedges through a shallow water basin merging with the peripheral path after crossing the parking & tennis court area near the entrance.

The First pause extends to the pebbled path intercepting the connecting cobbled link between the two buildings. This curvilinear path follows the gradient on the site and opens up near a well, converted to a fountain. The hard surface connects to the lawns and a pool through a transition of semi-soft land cover.

A slab is cast over the existing well at a depth of 600mm from top & is converted into a jet fountain delicately balancing sound & spray of water. The water from the existing well is used for cleaning & irrigation purposes. Here, different nuances of water are exploited to its best where the cluster of baby pools with a falling sheet of water, infinity lap pool & surprise jets offer an exciting interface with water.

Further, the path sloping downwards cuts through an amphitheatre, carved out within the fall of the gradient of the site at the farthest North end. A wooden deck for the stepped theatre cantilevers onto a seasonal stream banked by a farm on the opposite side. The amphitheatre offers a place for family performances & group discussions.

This stone-clad path leads upwards to the main lawns where the gathering space offers an outdoor chess area where two groups can play with the lightweight pawns. A barbeque corner with a serving counter by the lawns provides an interesting setting for a party.

The spaces connecting the buildings act as an interactive court. The large lawns towards the Pool area are also approached by a series of wide, designed steps descending from the club building gradually merging with the softscape outside.

Natural stones, filtered light, water, sky, breeze, a variety of palms, colour and fragrance of the flowers – all these elements contribute to a memorable spatial experience.

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