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  • Akshata Atole


By, Akshata Atole

M.k.s.s. Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture.

Pune is one of the fastest growing “smart city” in India and also a “resilient city”. A smart City is defined by efficient handling of energy, mobility, infrastructure, governance, healthcare etc. Over the years, it has been identified as a cultural capital of Maharashtra, but now it is moving towards a mixed economy with cosmopolitan culture. It has been an emerging economy in the IT start ups spaces which is where we need to look at the new style of business buildings and infrastructure requirements. This attracts a lot of business personnel, professionals, providing a stimulant to the hospitality sector. To cater to this influx of professionals & business personnel, the promoters wish to develop hospitality services, which will not only be modern, but also will adhere to sustainable practices. Also, they wish would create an environment, which will be energy efficient, low on maintenance & handle resources optimally. This venture wants to be inclusive to these principles and become a pioneer in these smart buildings of the future.

The objectives of the business hotel are,

1. To cater to this growing IT, manufacturing & automotive sector by providing modern & state of the art facilities for business and hospitality

2. To undertake energy efficient and sustainable initiatives for a smarter functioning modern facility

The promoters have earmarked site admeasuring about 1.86 Acres for the project in manager. The site is strategically located, close to the golf course, upcoming IT parks & business centres viz; Tech park one, World trade centre‐Pune, Eon free zone etc. The site is well connected by the airport.

2. SPACE PROGRAM Project Level Information

1. Gross Project Site Area 9465 Sq. M.

2. Recreational Open Space Provisions 15 %

3. Project Site (Balance for the Hotel) 7435 Sq. M.

4. Permissible FSI 1.15

5. Permissible Built Up (Inclusive of Parking and Services areas) 8900 Sq. M.

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