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Bilyana Apostolova

Instagram- bapostolova

My passion for architecture is my main driving force. As a child I was always curious about the way buildings work. I had so many questions on my mind I wanted to find answers to. Step by step I started reading books, magazines and watching movies about the construction of some of the world’s most famous buildings and infrastructure projects. I then started to understand that the working mechanism of the building is a complex system in which each element is extremely important.

Over the years my interest in the field deepened and at the same time my desire for new knowledge. Thus, the decision to study architecture came as a natural continuation of my desire to fully understand the structure of the buildings that make up the environment we live in.

Today I share the belief that architecture is philosophy and synthesis between science and art. I have always loved travelling and exploring new places and cultures. To analyze the influence of the architectural environment on social processes in the communities is one of the most interesting parts of the job for me. Nevertheless, the right design approach is the key to finding balance between functionality, sustainability and aesthetics.

As part of my work experience I have had the great chance to work on various projects on a local level in my home country - Bulgaria. I have also taken part in a few competitions. As part of a two-man team I have won Second award and BB Student award in the MICROHOME2019 Competition organized by Bee Breeders Architecture Competitions with the project MIKADO.

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