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  • Kamila Koziol

Bath house

Author-Designer: Kamila Koziol

Supervisors: Jan Kabac

Project Type: Thesis of Master Project

Place : Bialystok, Poland

Date of the official presentation of the project : 19/11/2020


Faculty of Architecture

Bialystok University of Technology, Poland

The project idea of bath house is create an easily accessible place of peace and relaxation in urban area. This place should help to care for the body and mental health in everyday life. Form of building stretches from the busy street in the city center of Bialystok to the quiet interior of the quarter. This is a kind of portal between the crowded city street full of life and the relaxation zone inside a quarter of buildings.

The varied tectonics of the terrain allows for the design of the object partially underground. Over the building is created the health of the graduation tower and water reservoirs. This solution will improve the climate in the city. Relaxation is mainly provided by water to give rest to the body and mind. The functional program includes three interior swimming pools with different temperatures of water cold, warm and hot. The order of bathing refers to ancient Rome. Relaxation area with sauna and massage rooms is located next to the pools.

In the center of the zone there is an outdoor pool in underground patio for cooling the body after the sauna routine. The space was designed like a labyrinth with lots of columns and walls. The user can discover it on his own by encountering another attraction. An essential element supporting relaxation and focus is concentrated sunlight from the skylight above the pools. There are also two big rooms to exercise. The challenge was to design an easily accessible to everyone, not only for swimming pool users, but also for city residents. The project is a proposal of alternative entertainment and recreation in the city. But it also has to improve the climate in urban space.

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