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In 2019 when I was 25 old, I earned a Bachelor degree in Architectural engineering from Dr. Shariaty University in Tehran-Iran and I caught good related-work experiences after that. Thus, I have learned how to get people to share their ideas and information with me. Proper communication with my coworkers will help me gather the information I need to make the right choice, and these are components of success during of my job experience. Also, in my personal life and for duties that I’ve had since my high school, my knowledge to in managing my time, would help me schedule my time for taking duties as well. During my education, I was the member of a student council. This allowed me to develop and use my organizational and leadership skills. I also worked on multiple projects last year as a designing supervisor. Firstly, for my thesis, I designed a villa and managed economic and energy issues about it, which is located in Tehran-Iran. Also, in early 2020, I worked as a supervisor and executive director of a smart residential building. I managed a team of workers and construction costs. Moreover, beside my supervising experience at the office, I have a valuable background about site administration and introduce our goods and services and how convince people to choose us. These experiences have given me insight into how individual talents can be harnessed for multidisciplinary projects in the future, allowing for more lucrative and beneficial projects.

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