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Architecture Sketching by Julian Centeno

Have you ever noticed the beauty of your own city? Many times we go unnoticed the architecture that surrounds us, the places of interest and monuments of our city, it is like that only on trips and visits do we contemplate the architecture, which is a shame. This happened to me for a long long time, but in these days of quarantine and not being able to visit any place, they made me open my eyes and say "wow, how beautiful my city is", it is like one felt blind all this time. As this discovery was so strong for me, I wanted to do something about it, and it occurred to me to express it through a series of drawings "in the act", which portrayed my place of origin, which you can, if you are interested, observe them in my instagram page (@juliancentenoarq), I hope that if you do you can contemplate the beauty, and enjoy this little quarantine job, which was really worth it, and I invite you to do the same with your city, that surely there is a lot of beautiful architecture to be observed.

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