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  • Annalisa Nicodemus

ARCH/ A Factory For Artists

ARCH- where artists can come together to inspire and empower younger generations on the importance of one’s voice in the creative world.

Interior Design Thesis by Annalisa Nicodemus

Project description:

Worried about the consequences of social media on teenagers' mental health, especially in young artists at the time of adolescence, and considering the impact that architecture has on global warming, I repurposed an abandoned cement factory, in the Italian town of Vittorio Veneto, into an artist in residency program.

The Italcementi Factory is of vital importance for its historical-testimonial value and its central location. Therefore the renovation proposal may help revive the city center by creating new services for the local community.

The Project program features a café, an indoor & outdoor event space, eight private rooms, four workshops, and an exhibition space. The fluid and welcoming interior proposal invites Artists, Art High school students, and locals to engage, value, inspire, and empower each other.

All interventions are kept as minimal as possible, allowing the original structure to breathe and bathe the visitors in all its sublime beauty. The creation of two ramps which extend: one from the workshop and one from the residence building, allows observers to participate in a guided dance around the building, contributing to moving energy, ideas, and creativity, keeping the Italcementi building alive and in a vital state, while feeling more confident of one's work.

Contact info:

IG: annalisa.nicodemus


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