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Ar. Jahn Geonanga

Instagram- Architecture Diaries | Jahn (@jmg_architecture)

Back in grade school days, teachers and schoolmates have noticed my advanced drawing skills at an early age, maybe it’s just out of passion and interest, and I was really quiet and extremely introverted and got obsessed with everything about art. Since I’m also into social studies and science, I was drawn to Architecture. I was fascinated to the detailed illustrations of buildings and their compositions. I’m Jahn Marie, A Filipina Architect, I finished Architecture School in 2017 and acquired my license in 2019. I’m currently taking courses related to green & Sustainable Urbanism. In practice, I’m focusing on Adaptive Reuse Architecture. My primary art form is sculpture. I'm particular to experimenting with geometric shapes as my first step in the design process. Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Science in Architecture (2017) at La Consolacion College - School of Architecture, fine arts & Interior design. AWARDS & RECOGNITION: Graphical Design Presentation & Manuscript Writing Award for the Architectural Study of Likha Contemporary Art Museum. In 2015 I had my first job in CH Builders, a design and build firm during my 3rd year in Architecture school, it wasn't part of the student internship program, I worked in that firm as an employee together with entry-level interns and professionals. The student internship program started in my fourth year in Architecture School, I rendered the required hours in the same company. I continued to work there until I graduated. In early 2017, I have worked as an entry-level intern (level 1 graduate intern) in a Chinese-Filipino Architectural Company in Makati, Metro Manila. In late 2017 to early 2018, I started working in Design Coordinates Incorporated, a Construction Project Management company for my level 2 internship which has focused more on materialization of design and site supervision. To continue the level 2 internship, in mid-2018, few months before my licensure exam, as a requirement for the 'Diversified practice of Architecture', I was hired for a contract work for Parklex Philippines under Ethan International Corporation. I started to practice privately, earlier this year (2020). Due to the pandemic, the employment was affected and demands for Architects have decreased. However, I’m still having a positive outlook and still working hard to learn and practice many things within this temporary setback that the whole world is experiencing. After all, the best art is the art of living.

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