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Anna Arzumanyan

Instagram- a_arzumanyan

“My interest in architecture began as a child through illustration of imaginary buildings and exploration of the built and natural environment of Yerevan and Armenia as a whole. Growing up, while personal interests were mainly concerned with fashion design and imaginary illustration, architecture remained a steady source of inspiration throughout. So the decision to fully commit to the discipline provided a newfound appreciation for the complexity behind design. I began my studies at University College London in 2017, by completing a foundation course in Architecture in preparation for undergraduate studies. Upon acceptance to the Bartlett, I became much more intrigued by architecture as discipline by learning to consider spatial design in a fully unfamiliar but fascinating way. My preferred method of working includes digital modelling and drawing setting the basis for physical drawings in traditional pencilwork, where the ability to tell a story through highly detailed composition has proved to be highly rewarding. I have sought to design narratives of intriguing nature, learning to think outside the bounds of reality and considering imagination as the only limit. I am indebted to the incredible tutors at the university who helped me develop architecturally by revealing and fortifying my design ability through unconditional support. In my final year of undergraduate studies, the aspiration is to design in rigorous detail a narrative exploring the extent of possibility of man’s role in harmonious existence with nature through confronting mankind’s archaic methods of animal exploitation. By pushing myself out of a familiar comfort, I aspire to increase design adaptability and evaluate how different architectural approaches can maximise a project’s potential.”


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