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Alexis Meyer

Instagram- archbyal

My journey in architecture started when I was 7 years old when I became fascinated by Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses. I started drawing buildings and spaces in every notebook I could find. In high school, I took every class about design and architecture. Since then my view of architecture has expanded exponentially. While an undergrad in architecture, I learned the fundamentals of architecture and design and progressed to graduate school immediately after graduating. While in grad school, I worked as a Teaching Assistant and as an assistant to the Department Chair. Along with these jobs, I serve as the Communications & Social Media lead for Women in Design-Milwaukee and started a student group for Women in Design at my university. WID is a great example of the good that Women can do in the architecture community, as the group leads, mentors, and advises other women in the field. I am lucky to have these experiences to create a solid foundation for my architectural career.

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