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Alessia Silva

Instagram- Alessia

Hi! My name is Alessia Silva,I am from Lima, Peru, and I study Architecture at the University of Lima.

From a very young age I always had an affinity with the creative and artistic side, I liked visiting museums and drawing, I was a girl who asked for paintings instead of barbies. At the age of 11 I was already decided that I wanted to study architecture, everything came from a conversation with my grandmother, she always wanted to study architecture, however for her father “it was dangerous for a young lady to go to university”, I think that is what motivated me to research about the career I now love.

Today, I would like to travel around the world and be able to create architecture that causes pleasant environments according to the context and culture that exists, to be able to make organic and innovative forms with all the technology we have today. Being a woman in Latin America can be challenging, but I love challenges!

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