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Aishwarya Pillai


Hello, I’m Aishwarya Pillai, I’m Indian and I’m in my final year of university. My initial days of Architecture school was a journey of self-learning and introspection which has helped me understand spaces, and this understanding made me to be more observant as I learned to articulate and structure my thoughts. I find joy in art, architecture and books and express myself through music. Among architecture’s multifaceted dimensions of study the subject that interests me most is “Sustainably”. The sheer elegance and simplicity of climatically and culturally contextual design rooted in a deep understanding of history has shaped my thinking as a designer. During my fourth year of architectural school I interned at Habitat one of the largest charitable societies in the shelter sector in India, this experience has strengthened my understanding of green sustainable architecture and affordable housing and has made me realize that romanticized grandeur and notions of beauty are more meaningful if they are humanistic, humble and serve the greater good of our society.

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