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  • Zoya Hooda

Agility I Resilience I Adaptability I Take action

Zoya Hooda (@_zoyahooda_) • Instagram

The abstracts here represent the financial crash of 2008 and how the world changed, how there were changes not only in the financial sector but it affected even the small things, those which usually had no to very little meaning in our daily lives. A small error, mistake or blunder can cause a big havoc and the financial crash is the perfect example, we need to be careful at every decision, movement, and action.

Reaching a point of no return when you take action to reach the maximum limit. When there is nothing more that can be done, when things have gone way beyond limit and now you must take a step back.

A section showing what a curved space of movement could so and how the functions can perform with such circumstances.

The illustrations are an example of how the place changes with small changes and if these changes are not thought about they reaching a breaking point and when this happens in reality you cannot move back there is no past but only the future and solutions must be made quicker, people must act fast, because everyday is a new day and everything is always evolving.

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