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Coexist architecture, a firm based out of Chennai, TamilNadu was FOUNDED by Abhinaya and Nandhini, college mates and friends for 10 years. It’s a brand with an emphasis on design and aesthetic philosophies that the two young founders feel very strongly about. By prioritising sustainability and function while still retaining its freewheeling enthusiasm for colours, tones and dreamy surrealist scapes, the 3 year old firm has established itself with a very unique identity.

As an advocate of sustainable architecture, Coexist Architecture pushes for locally sourced materials, labours and artisans. This emphasis to explore the immediate environments of their projects has allowed Abhinaya and nandhini to open themselves to a plethora of craft styles and artisanal spaces that they’re certain they never would’ve stumbled upon otherwise. These experiences paved the way for Coexist to set foot into art consultancy.

Their projects have covered the entire spectrum of interior design , from setting up an apartment from scratch to styling restaurants. Having worked on over 25 projects in residential & commercial, Coexist aspires to keep its design philosophies intact while trying to strive forward as a progressive, chic design firm.


ABHINAYA : An architect, traveller , and a devoted environmentalist, Abhinaya was drawn to architecture after identifying it as a venue where she could accomplish utilitarian objectives with an unrestrained creative approach.Abhinaya is just as curious about exploring the fields of product design and fine arts as she is about Architecture, which resulted in her founding 'The Artist Project' - a conglomerate for some of the underprivileged rural artisans. Abhinaya tries to lend her distinctive style to every space that she has designed , interspersing with oodles of colour and surrealist scapes, painting one canvas at a time.

NANDHINI : A passionate sustainability advocate, Nandhini Kandavel believes her style of designing reflects that. When she isn't choosing veneer samples or colour shades, you'll find her cooking up a storm at her kitchen or hiding at some nursery adding more plants to her ever lush garden. Nandhini carefully curates the team of local artisans & labours who interlace the magic into each of Coexist's spaces. Growing up as a DIY addict, Nandhini still believes that the best way to get things done is by getting your hands dirty!

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