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Aarushi Kalra

Aarushi Kalra (@aarushikalra) • Instagram photos and videos

Giving people a small ‘ ! ’ moment.

This statement drives my approach to design and has been at the centre of my design process. I aim to design spaces that inspire and excite.

Having trained as an architect and recently completed my masters in Interior Design from Royal College of Art, London - my work aims to be methodical and my vision for interiors seeks structure. I like my designs to be curious, introspective and inquisitive, that delve into an idea bigger than just spatial experience.

Currently, I am setting up my own design wing, in New Delhi, India, by the name of I'mX – which is a new age, collaborative and experimental part of I’m The Centre for Applied Arts. With I’mX, I aim to work fluidly between multiple disciplines like architecture, interior design, set design, art and fashion; challenging and immersing viewers into provocative, layered and experimental environments.

Having grown up in a diverse country, like India, that is perennially trying to strike a balance between tradition and modernity, I try to bring a unique perspective and a complexity of thinking to my work. I enjoy making spaces that are complex in conception but are easy to experience and engage with, one that explore the art of storytelling through a multi-layered spatial design language. My designs’ complexity lies in the nuances of the narrative that reveals itself through a simplistic imagery and relaxed storytelling.

I want people who experience my designs to feel small “!” moments intuitively.

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