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Aanchal Budhrani

Instagram- Aanchal Budhrani (@aanchalbudhranii)

Aanchal Budhrani is an Architect based in New York and Mumbai, well versed with the idea of design, aesthetics and the fundamentals of sustainability, she completed her undergraduate from Mumbai and acquired a Master's degree in Architecture from the Pratt Institute, New York. Since a very young age she realized the magic of colors and their effects on moods of a canvas, later on in her professional journey she recognized the relationship of colors with the built environment and extended her research to explore the theory of “Creative Destruction” with her thesis designing a “Design Business Hub”. Art was central to everything she did there-on. Her belief in sustainability and its importance to better the future lead her to explore biomaterials for her thesis where she explored the possibilities of “mycelium” and built a living wall panel from home grown mushrooms that were 100% biodegradable. She has always looked at architecture as an epilogue to art and believes that " what art reflects in minuscule, architecture represents monumentally." She pursues her designs in a balanced and geometric way and believes that aesthetics and functionality is a two-way street that conclude each other. In touch with her design style, she is currently working in the heritage city center of Mumbai. “Architecture to me is the power of creating something that will outlive my existence.”, she says.

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