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  • Zoya Hooda

A Paradigm Change

Any action that is either voluntary or involuntary cause equal or opposite reaction within the context and depending on time. The values are changing, and we are keeping the nature before us and therefore the. Anthropocene is almost disappearing changing towards sustainability or non-anthropocentric values. The person, the act and the environment it is the connection of the three which will create an impact on is and eventually lead us to make changes in our daily lives.

This is a big issue, a paradigm breaker is needed, and that is a tough call. In life I guess we get our habits through our surrounding culture and its clothing of custom and habit, this shapes us. In addition, the anthropocentric challenge of staying alive, generating and storing enough nuts and beans also makes us competitive, and in consequence we become greedy, demanding, unforgiving. In architecture and environment design this happens. Some see the whole world as an urban factory, and urban entity, where everything is turned to man's sole benefit and nature's best benefit, until that sleeping giant begins to rumble and awake, and then ironically in try anthropocentric fare, we defend ourselves against this curse. To be part of 'change'. It’s clear this takes time and commitment. It’s clear it needs support and influence.

The project begins to imagine a building which is in a constant state of transience of form, function, meaning and memories, a morphological building. It is about space which has no boundaries, which has its own character and can be perceived in any way possible. Space is also the connections one finds himself in through movement and here through these sketches I try to express the ambiguity and the break boundaries concept of space.

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