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  • Rama Yanal

A Contemporary Vision Of Social Housing

Although the importance of social housing role in solving housing crises, people still do not prefer to live in social housing for many reasons like , the unattractive shape of buildings , the cheap materials and the absence of resident's needs . So we came up with the idea of analyzing the reality of social housing in our country Syria , then suggest a contemporary vision to it .

The vision is represented in Self-reliant , sustainable and flexible housing .

Our project aims to provide not only affordable houses to middle-income people but also a huge public space that attracts people from different places to the project land . The project is located in a middle ground area between city and countryside , where people who lives in the city and suffering from high density and high prices , and people who lives in the countryside and have been forced to travel many miles everyday to come to the city for job or education can both get benefited from the location .

We wanted to increase the social activities so we increased the chances of people's meetings by creating public spaces that is connected with the commercial zone near the project's land , and also by creating semi -public spaces between the buildings ( the neighborhood itself ) , and lastly by creating private spaces in the one building so it connect the residents together .

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